Info Designers: The Solution to Your Problems

Information designers have the ability to take complex information and simplify it for the masses. In addition, information designers are capable of brainstorming innovative solutions to real-time problems. That being said, where do information designers fit in the fast-paced reality of the 21st century? With their skills in problem solving, technical writing, graphic design, information architecture, usability and wayfinding – to name a few – information designers are equipped with the knowledge and the skills to tackle any problem in any industry – making them a valued member on any team.

Information design at a glance:


Information designers – and their ability to think innovatively – are continuing to become valuable members of interdisciplinary teams.

Thinking Beyond The Interface | Co.Design

Around 2010, designers the world over proclaimed Photoshop was dead in web design. We moved away from static comps, learned to prototype, and invested our time in tools like Sketch and Axure and designing directly in code. Pixel-perfect comps were finally dead, and it was awesome.

The skills of an information designer:


As long as there are problems to be solved, design thinking will will continue to thrive.


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