If anything, learn to write

Writing is essential to professional communication. That being said, why is that so many professionals still can’t decipher the difference between your and you’re; to, too and two; and there, their and they’re? Not to mention the widely accepted ambiguity that surrounds comma usage. Education plays a large role in developing technical writing skills, and everyone should commit to taking at least one technical writing course during his or her career.

Those who are skilled in technical writing have a significant advantage when it comes to any form of content curation – especially business documentation such as reports and communication such as professional emails. Technical writers also possess strong editing capabilities – which makes them a valuable member of any team.

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Technical Writing There are a few questions that constantly bog the minds of technical writers. – Are there any suitable technical writing tools for the task I am presently doing? Something that would minimize my efforts and produce better quality output? – Can my company afford it?

A comma, though seemingly insignificant to some, can play a big role in how your message is received.

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Online, there are lots of resources to help individuals strengthen their technical writing skills.

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Technical writers often produce a variety of manuals, business reports and proposals. This chapter’s instructors can introduce you to the basic features of technical communications and help you understand some of the rules governing this mode of writing.

Just like any acquired skill, the best way to improve your writing is to practice, practice, practice.



The people have spoken: No more boring documents

When looking to grab people’s attention, a well designed document is essential. Unfortunately, many documents continue to circulate that require some serious creative inspiration. When in the throes of a creative crisis, having an information designer close by is sure to lighten the burden –  as they are skilled in both technical writing and document design.

A well designed document is both beautiful and informative.

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Nowadays, design layouts must be created to succeed online. New technology affords designers the ability to expand their creative possibilities – which includes making their documents come to life. A fantastic example of this potential is the The New York Times‘ Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek –  which was awarded a Pulitzer Prize.

cropSnow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek

After a few minutes, the small talk faded. Worries went unexpressed. “When you’re up on top of a peak like that, it’s usually hang out for a second, and then it’s momentum,” Castillo said. “You just kind of feel it. Everyone’s like: ‘O.K., we’re not here to hang out.

In terms of data visualization, Baur suggests, “Worry less about novelty in designing for interaction, and more about using it as a tool to offer readers an individualized experience”

3069008-poster-p-1-death-of-the-interactive-graphic-asideThe Problem With Interactive Graphics | Co.Design

In his talk, Baur notes that he got these numbers from talks given by Times graphic editors Gregor Aisch and Archie Tse (you can find Aisch’s talk here and Tse’s talk here). Baur lead with these numbers not to depress people about the value of data visualization, but rather to bring up the question of how interactive designers can more effectively bring people to their work.

I think it’s safe to say that a well-thought-out, purposeful design will win out every time.