Creative Spaces Drive Creative Thinking

Strategically crafted work spaces help open the mind to creative thinking. With so many directions to go in, how does one decide on a work space that inspires design thinking? Honing in on company culture – or personal tastes – and embracing individuality are important considerations when determining how to make creative minds spring to action.

Introducing communal work spaces that reflect company culture and focus on the nitty-gritty details – like ample power supply and wi-fi – contribute to the overall feel of creative work spaces.

13 Ways to Make Your Workspace More Creative


How to supercharge your space for creativity.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to designing the perfect work space.

12 stimulating design offices to stir the senses


For some lucky creative agencies the days of dull and drab cubicle spaces are long gone, with employers realising that inspiring surroundings can have a direct effect on their employees’ creativity. They don’t have to be located in famous buildings – a tranquil setting, games area, or amazing design office mural can all help to stir the creative juices.

Adding graphics to your work space may provide new creative inspiration.

5 Ways to Enhance Workplace Experience with Graphics


An experiential graphic design pro shares tips for enhancing your space with wayfinding and environmental graphics. The workplace is constantly changing to accommodate a shifting workforce with various expectations and working styles. This accommodation is not only a trend in some workplaces, in many it has become a vehicle to attract and retain the best talent.

The nitty-gritty.

Office Design Trends for 2017 | Fuze Business Interiors


In today’s busy environment with ever changing technology, a well designed workplace should change effortlessly according to the task at hand. Developing areas that can be easily adapted to suit changing requirements is an essential element of design in 2017.

Work spaces should no longer adhere to cookie-cutter norms. Companies should make an effort to transform their work spaces in order to motivate employees and cultivate innovative thinking.